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We Need A Hospital!

The main objective of the Children Cancer Foundation is to build a hospital which will be able to offer the same chance for recovery to children with cancer that they have in a similar hospital in Europe or in the United States.

This new hospital will be able to save many more lives. Here The Foundation intends to provide utmost attention and the highest standard of medical care for the little patients under the supervision of highly qualified medical doctors and nurses.

Unfortunately, some pediatric oncologists still most vehemently oppose against this idea because of their narrow-minded self-interests, but in view of the achievements of treatment and recovery in the developed world they will be bound to give up their position. As we try to understand the resistance of some representatives of the medical profession to this idea we have to admit that the pugnacity of Mr. István Balogh was a novelty to them which also contributed to their resistance. Irrespective of this opinion by many in the medical profession, the Committee on Health and Sports of the Capital’s Municipality finally accepted Mr. István Balogh’s idea of building a children cancer hospital on the basis of the relevant experts’ opinions.

Those who work at the Children Cancer Foundation are firmly committed never to give up the fight for establishing this hospital. Accordingly, the Children Cancer Foundation has been already fully certain that the new medical center and hospital, in spite of the outdated routine and attitude by many in the medical profession in Hungary, will be the first medical institution aiming to provide treatment on the level of requirements and standards in the European Union. The Foundations even now know that the large logo over the entrance of this hospital will read:

"Receiving tips is a crime!"

This will further enhance the chance that the Foundation could elevate the standard of treatment in Hungary to that of the developed world, and it is equally important that the defenselessness of both the patient and of the medical profession will end. In this spirit, the Foundation continues its work, helps those in need, and such a dedicated care makes the activity of the Foundation innovative.

Until this goal will be achieved

Until the will of the health administration will continue to be lacking and the Health Insurance Fund will not accept the charter of this hospital, the Children Cancer Foundation will continue to provide donations of outstanding value to those hospitals and medical institutions that treat children as well. The Foundation purchases the state-of-the-art technologies and equipments of the 21st century in the magnitude of hundreds of millions of HUF that the hospitals are not capable to buy from their own financial resources.

Over the past four years, the Foundation provided donations in the value of more than 3 billion HUF, because the life of a child must not depend on the lack of financial resources!

The Foundation is of course fully aware that similarly to more developed nations, the establishment of such a hospital in Hungary is very much needed. Therefore, the Foundation continues to do its utmost to mobilize appropriate funds from the European Union, and to convince the medical profession for helping to build this hospital where a Hungarian child will have the same chance for recovery as another child in the developed nations around the world.

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