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Lawsuit against Children Cancer Foundation lost again by Index news website Ltd. was ordered to pay 7 million HUF by the Metropolitan Court.

The Children Cancer Foundation sued for infringement of privacy rights, seeking compensation for damages.

The Metropolitan Court found that Index had tarnished the reputation of Children Cancer Foundation by its allegations. In 2013, Index made and spread false statements and presented true facts in false light in several of its articles. These offending allegations were taken over by most of the printed and electronic media in Hungary, causing significant moral and material damage to the Foundation.

At first instance, the Court banned from further infringement and made it pay 7 million HUF as non-material compensation.


Our Foundation has donated an X-ray equipment worth 24.5 million HUF to the Department of Paediatric Surgery in Miskolc


The Director General of BAZ County Hospital requested our help with the procurement of a C-arm X-ray image intensifier, which the hospital could not afford to purchase, due to its poor economic condition.

The Department of Paediatric Surgery in Miskolc, the one with the highest number of hospital beds in the country, is responsible for carrying out all tumour removal operations in the region. The 30-year-old, totally outdated machine, which had been used earlier, produced blurred images compromising the success of interventions while increasing radiation load to the young patients. In order to improve paediatric care, our Foundation purchased the digital X-ray machine and handed it over to the department on 8th February.

During the past years, we have donated medical equipment worth 246 million HUF contributing to the modernisation of one of the hospital’s paediatric surgical operating theatres

The Children Cancer Foundation has been supporting paediatric oncology and the care of children with cancer for 19 years. We provide regular financial support to families bringing up children with cancer and make the medicines, vitamins and dietary supplements essential for supportive therapy available for them free of charge.

The support to families has amounted to 1.704 billion HUF. Our donations to hospitals have amounted to a total of 1.809 billion HUF. These sums are unique in the country in their magnitude!

Our donations are due to the 1% income tax offerings we have received from individuals.

Thank you!
Our tax number: 18161007-1-42

This tableau is a thank-you gift from BAZ County Hospital in gratitude for years of support

We wish to express our gratitude to Mr István Balogh, President of the Children Cancer Foundation, and to all who have given their support to the Children Cancer Foundation

For the past years, the Foundation has donated more than 100 million HUF to our department, allowing significant improvements in the paediatric surgical operating theatre. We started receiving donations several years ago, with a laparoscopic equipment, micro-devices and an ultrasound tissue cutter being the first items, followed by a state-of-the art LED operating lamp to replace a 40-year-old lamp. The following year, we received a modern HD endoscope, suitable for thoracic, abdominal and traumatological surgery and diagnostics. The year 2015 was a special one for us, as we were able to replace a more than 40-year-old operating table, practically the oldest item in the operating theatre, with a modern electronically controlled one, which can be X-rayed and adjusted to any position required for our operations; furthermore, we were donated a state-of-the art X-ray image intensifier. In words, society claims that children are our greatest asset; in everyday practice, however, our impressions are different. We need continuous improvement but the county hospital lacks the resources. Owing to the people who offer 1% of their income tax, the Foundation for Paediatric Surgical Patients has done its best to support us; however, they would never have been able to provide the support we received from the Children Cancer Foundation.

We wish to say thank you to the Children Cancer Foundation, which has helped us realise developments unique in the history of our department.


A Christmas present worth 101 million HUF for “Heim Pál” Paediatric Hospital from our Foundation

Two multifunctional operating tables and a state-of-the art anaesthesia machine were handed over to the Surgical and Traumatological Department of Heim Pál Paediatric Hospital in a ceremony on 14th December.

At the press conference, Dr Anikó Nagy, Director General of the hospital, said they had asked for the support of the Foundation to replace the two 30-year-old outdated operating tables used in the operating theatres and purchase a new state-of-the-art anaesthesia machine, in order to improve surgical care.

The two multifunctional operating tables fully satisfy the requirements of the 21st century and can be used for all types of surgery. The anaesthesia machine is the most up-to-date equipment currently available and is equally suitable for new-borns, children and young adults.

István Balogh, President of the Foundation, added: “Improving the quality of care of children with cancer agrees with our objectives – this is why we decided to endorse the request of the hospital. This is not the first time we have made a donation to the institute: last year, we contributed 96 million HUF to the establishment of a new oncohaematological department and over the years of our operation the total sum of donations to Heim Pál Paediatric Hospital has amounted to 410 million HUF.

The children also received presents: 500 Santa Claus bags containing one bottle of the vitamin formula Flavin7 were handed out to the young patients.

The 3.6 billion HUF our organisation has so far contributed to paediatric oncology and the care of children with cancer is unique in Hungary in its magnitude.

Gyermekrák Alapítvány Adószám: 18161007-1-42

Our Foundation’s donation worth HUF 50 million to the Paediatric Surgery Department of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Hospital

The Director Head Surgeon of the County Hospital in Miskolc requested the support of our Foundation for the replacement of the outdated operating table which had been used in the paediatric operating theatre for 40 years.

It is in this Paediatric Surgery Department equipped with the largest number of beds in Hungary where tumour surgery for children living in the North Hungarian region are performed, but their activities also extend to every kind of paediatric surgery. Due to the lack of funding in healthcare and the difficult economic situation of the hospital, they were unable to afford the procurement of the high value operating table.

Our Foundation purchased the multi-functional operating table that represents the latest technology and every position of which may be digitally controlled, and handed it over to the hospital on 15 June, 2015. The accessories of the operating table allow different operations to be performed on any body part in safe and modern conditions.

In order to ensure the highest possible medical care for children suffering from cancer in the region, the Foundation until this day has donated modern medical devices to the hospital in a total value of HUF 222 million.

The Foundation was able to purchase the high value devices from the 1% personal income tax donations.


Rectification 13 May, 2015


In our article published in October 2014 we falsely claimed that István Balogh, president of the Children Cancer Foundation had been seen checking-in to a London flight at Ferenc Liszt Airport, and according to the luggage-label his destination was Miami.

By now it has been clearly proven that István Balogh did not travel on that day: his name was not included in the passenger list of the flight in question, and he had no roaming calls on that particular day. Our article was published without any factual ground, furthermore, it made István Balogh look really bad.

This procedure is not protected. We do apologize to István Balogh and our readers for the mistakes committed and the nuisance caused.

NAV: the work carried out by the Children Cancer Foundation is impeccable


In 2014 the National Customs Guard carried out an investigation at our Foundation and in the frame of this investigation, the utilisation of the pledged 1% personal income tax was investigated.

We would like to inform our Donators that according to the statement issued by the NAV the utilisation of the amounts donated and disbursed to the Foundation took place IN DUE FORM.


Support for the hospitals within the scope of the Hungarian Paediatric Oncology Network


Our Foundation in December 2014 granted a total donation of 174 million HUF to hospitals diagnosing and treating children suffering from cancer.

Two of the three hospitals are members of the Hungarian Paediatric Oncology Network.

The new Oncology Department established in the Heim Pál Children’s Hospital is the most up-to-date department of its kind in Hungary. A laboratory was also established here; where the production of cytostatic infusion mixes take place within an enclosed system by the exclusion of any possible human errors. The safe and personally tailored production of cytostatic mixes is fundamental not only due to the safety of the patients, but also in terms of the safety of the carer staff and the environment.

We have spent 96 million HUF on these investments.

We have purchased medical devices in a total value of 41 million HUF for the BAZ County Hospital Paediatric Health Care Centre. The hospital from its own resources was unable to procure such devices.

Upon request of the Bethesda Children’s Hospital we purchased life-saver devices, which were installed immediately after their handover at the intense-care unit of the hospital.

The total donation value was 37 million HUF.





Our Foundation donated 96 million HUF now to the accomplishment of the

most modern paediatric oncology department in Hungary

We have been working for seventeen years to ensure that children suffering from cancer can also recover at Western-European level. Our persevering fight was successful.

On 15th December 2014 the Paediatric Onco-Haematology Department named after Oncologist Dr. Kemény Pál in the Heim Pál Children’s Hospital has been handed over in full glare of professional and media interest. At the handover celebration Dr. Nagy Anikó, Director of the Hospital said that the establishment of the ward was made available by social joining of forces, thanks to the donations of four foundations and numerous private individuals. Our Foundation granted a total support of 96 million HUF for the accomplishment of the works.

At the most modern paediatric oncology department of Hungary 15 children suffering from cancer can be treated at a time. Friendly one- and two bed rooms were established for the young ones equipped with a bathroom, modern beds, furniture and television. During the treatments the parents can stay with their children all the time and can also spend the night in the room with their child. The little patients can stay in touch with their family members at home, their friends and teachers via Wi-Fi connection. With respect to every technology-related detail the ward is highly equipped. Our Foundation granted a support of 41.819.240 HUF for the establishment of the child-orientated ward and for the furnishing of the rooms.

We are aware that secure chemotherapy is an important tool for treating cancer. The computer-controlled CATO® system, purchased by our Foundation, is a very unique device in Europe. With the help of this device the preparation and dosage of chemotherapy mixes can be carried out with the highest precision, and due to continuous control no mistakes can be made. The system can only be operated in a special premises complex suitable for the making of cytostatic infusion mixes, namely in the cyto-laboratory, therefore we have undertaken not only the costs of the CATO® system but also of the cyto-laboratory in a total value of 54.070.800 HUF. Currently in Hungary only the Heim Pál Children’s Hospital has the required accreditation for the operation of the system among the institutions of child care.

We were able to pledge our support in a total value of 96 million HUF used for the establishment of the new department and the cyto-laboratory from the 1 percent personal income tax donations.




The life-saver device arrived in the very last minute


Our Foundation’s Christmas donation series carries on. On 19th December 2014 we have handed over three devices to the Hungarian Reformed Church Bethesda Children Hospital. The purchase of these devices was requested by the Director of the Hospital.


At the festive event Dr. Velkey György expressed his thanks in a touched voice for the valuable gifts. He explained that they are unable to replace the old, life-saving devices and instruments used for the care of severely ill children from their own resources; however there is a great need for modern and reliable devices. This was the reason why they contacted our Foundation.


Our Foundation has purchased anaesthesia and respiratory apparatus required for diagnosing cancer and for the intense care of patients suffering from cancer, furthermore a portable ultrasound device in a total value of 34.6 million HUF.

The anaesthesia and respiratory apparatus representing the latest technology will be used by the Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy Care Unit of the hospital. Both devices are suitable for the care of newborns, children and young adults.

The small-sized portable, laptop format ultrasound device can also be operated from battery, thus the required tests can be done by the beds of the sick children. Our Foundation also purchased the necessary heads for the intensive care of young children.


The Director added that after official handover the devices will be installed immediately, as currently seven children need respiratory aid, and the hospital is only having six, outdated devices, so the donation arrived at the right time.


We were able to offer this device donation package by using the one percent personal income tax pledges. Our Foundation so far has granted support for the development of the medical device range of the paediatric hospital in a total value of 89.8 million HUF.


The donation of the Children Cancer Foundation replaced 30 year old technology


With the support of the Children Cancer Foundation the patient care provided at the GYEK Paediatric Surgery Department to children has been expended by new therapeutic possibilities. The donated medical device with an extremely high value has been handed over by Mr. István Balogh, the President of our Foundation in the frame of an official ceremony held yesterday. The gift was well received by Dr. Csiba Gábor Director Head Surgeon and Professor Dr. Barkai László Institution Leader Head Surgeon. Dr. Réti Gyula Department Leader Head Surgeon, Dr. Papp János Head Surgeon and Dr. Tóth László Consultant to the Director also attended the event.

Dr. Tóth László, Consultant to the Director; Prof. Dr. Barkai László, Institution Leader Head Surgeon; Balogh István, President of the Children Cancer Foundation, Dr. Csiba Gábor, Director Head Surgeon

At the press conference the President of our Foundation emphasized that the Foundation had been giving special attention to the care of children suffering from cancer in this region, so far the Foundation had granted donations to the hospital in a total value of 172 million HUF. The currently requested and handed over devices, relating to the development of medical device range, will be used for surgical treatments of children.

Dr. Réti Gyula said that the laparoscope devices will significantly reduce the operational burden on the young patients, as instead of long excavating operations involving cuts in the abdominal wall the operations can be carried out now through a tiny wound of few millimetres.

The new endoscope tower and endoscope devices represent the currently available most up-to-date technology. Within the operated area these devices enable the accurate separation of cancerous and healthy tissues, thus the surgical interventions are more accurate. We have also purchased the smallest possible endoscope devices for operations to be carried out on newborn babies and infants without cutting the abdominal wall.

Mr. István Balogh, the President of the Children Cancer Foundation hands over the endoscope tower, representing the currently available most up-to-date technology to Dr. Réti Gyula Department Leader Head Surgeon.


Dr. Csiba Gábor added that with the help of the new devices also those surgical procedures can be applied, which were previously only available in adult surgery.

In the surgical operating theatre a new, state-of-the-art lighting device equipped with a high-resolution central camera was also added as part of the donated package, which replaced a 30 year old, outdated lighting equipment.

Our Foundation during its 17 years of operation supported paediatric oncology treatment and the medical care of children suffering from cancer in Hungary with a total value of 2.97 billion HUF!



To be continued in 2015


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