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Another support for the recovery of children with cancer


The line of dietary supplements was extended by significant amount of support on products which is still provided free of charge by our Foundation to children with cancer who are in need


The execution of a Grant Agreement, Surányi József, Managing Director and Balogh István, the President of Children Cancer Foundation Nonprofit Organization

Thanks for the support of Tattoopartner kft. and Vans Hungary!


Thanks for the donation of Tattoopartner kft. in the amount of 665,000 HUF which was raised by the auction of shoes provided by Vans Hungary and decorated by tattoo artists.




We appreciate the donation of Tattoopartner kft. whereby 30 pairs of shoes provided by Vans Hungary and decorated by tattoo artists were put up for auction.


The total proceed of the auction is for supporting the recovery of children with cancer through the Children Cancer Foundation. The following Facebook post contains further details on the shoes and the auction.
Offers may be made until 1st May.




The company, Tech Mahindra also helps the work of our Foundation.
Children receiving support for many years attended the presentation of the donations as well.






Thank you for the support!


Realization of the OVB Grant Program – Children Cancer Foundation


12th July 2017 OVB Vermögensberatung Kft.


The objective of the Children Cancer Foundation, which started operating in 1997, is to increase ill children’s chance of recovery and to support hospitals and health institutions that treat children with cancer by purchasing medical devices and diagnostic instruments.

The Foundation undertakes to help families, who have become impoverished as a result of the disease, with regular financial or in-kind support. Vitamins and dietary supplements essential for supportive – restorative – therapy are provided for them free of charge.

Vajay György, the head of the Directorate contributing greatly to the donations, said the followings at the presentation of the donations: : “We are proud of that we have the chance to work at a company where social responsibility is of high importance and not just in the form of financial support. With the help of OVB Grant Program, the Directorate handed over donations to the Children Cancer Foundation in the amount of 1,200,000 HUF. At the presentation, we had the opportunity to talk to the president of the Foundation, Mr. Balogh István who – in the framework of a charitable organization – has been tirelessly working for many years on being able to provide support for sick children, their relatives, hospitals and health institutions treating sick children and on being able to help them.

Cancer knows no boundaries therefore they have undertaken to help Hungarian children with cancer outside Hungary besides children being sick within the boundaries of the country. Several children suffering from cancer receive support in Transylvania, Zakarpattia Oblast and Vojvodina. All donations – irrespective of their form and value – are huge help and they are received with great gratitude. It was touching to see many photos on the walls which were sent by fully recovered, smiling children. It is obvious that hard work, collaboration and donations are successful!”

Vajay, the head of the Directorate hands over the donation

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