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About the Children Cancer Foundation Priority Nonprofit Organization

For children with cancer for 18 years!

logoOn January 1, 1998, the Metropolitan Court, with the approval of the Office of the Public Prosecutor, declared the Foundation a priority nonprofit organization, the first of such entity in Hungary.

Pursuant to this, the activities of the Foundation aim at performing public nonprofit objectives that would normally be the responsibility of state bodies or municipal organizations.

The Foundation signed cooperation agreements with several municipalities in the capital city and around the country in order to assist their efforts.

Unfortunately, there are approximately 300 children who are diagnosed with cancer in Hungary every year.

Also, the Foundations offered help on many occasions to the public health system which faces a number of problems.

The key objective of the Foundation is to build a reference 300-bed hospital and treatment center for children with cancer which would offer medical services ranging from diagnosis to sustainable treatment on the level of developed nations by highly qualified medical doctors, nurses and social workers to ensure the recovery of children.

The Committee on Public Health of Municipality of Budapest asked for the opinion of experts and as a result it supported the implementation of the plan Decision No. 248/1998./11.23/.).

Until the project is realized, the Foundation does its utmost to help those in need. The Foundation provides regular financial assistance to the families of children with cancer who turn to us for assistance, and we also give medication, vitamins and food supplements to the children.

The Foundation also supports with several millions of HUF those hospitals and public health institutions which turn to us with their requests to purchase diagnostics instruments or other medical equipment.

The sum of donations by the Foundation paid to individual families of children with cancer may be amount several tens of thousands of HUF every month. The number of children patients the Foundation supports varies day by day, but altogether it provides assistance for approximately 500 children on a continuous basis.

The Foundation provides financial support to the treatment for hypothermia of the children with cancer when prescribed by a medical doctor.

The Foundation also signed a cooperation agreement with the Minister of Health of Romania for providing help to children who contracted cancer there to be treated in Hungary.

The Foundation also pays for obtaining legal advice in cases of medical malpractice.

The Foundation gives financial support to international medical conferences for which the advisers of the Foundation also help selecting the appropriate medical experts.

The free-of-charge information booklets and the monthly Diagnostics-Card newsletter of the Foundation offer help and advice to the patients and their families.

No request is turned down!

The Foundation has never refused to satisfy the request of any patient in need of help. Several tens of millions of HUF was given to those who turned to us for assistance.

Almost the entire Hungarian media subscribes to and shares our objectives. Countless articles and reports in the written and electronic media have helped the Foundation to propagate its mission within and outside the boundaries of Hungary. Artists, politicians, public personalities, multinational companies, diplomatic missions, fellow organizations and private persons are among the sponsors of the Foundation.

From 1999, the Children Cancer Foundation has been the most robustly supported Foundation.

The accumulated amount of donations the Foundation receives every year from the 1% of the personal income tax of taxpayers is far the highest as compared to any other nonprofit organizations in Hungary.

The Foundation is independent from political parties; individual politicians support its activities irrespective of their party affiliations.

What do we offer to our sponsors?

Due to our status as a priority nonprofit organization, our sponsors are allowed to deduct 150% of the value of their donations to the Foundation from their income before tax. In case of long-term sponsorship, the amount of tax deductible may amount to 170% (in accordance with Article 7., paragraphs (5) and (6) of Act LXXXI. of 1996 on corporate tax and dividend tax). The Foundation issues a certificate for every sponsorship.

The Annual Report of the Foundation is published in the major daily newspapers.

At the various events organized by the Foundation, the most outstanding sponsors are listed. The logos of those who participate and support our public campaigns are appropriately posted. The sponsors are also introduced when the Foundation appears in the media.

„He is not dead until he dies!"

This is the slogan of the Children Cancer Foundation. The Foundation fights for the life of every child until his or her heart is beating. This struggle is pursued vigorously since according to scientific knowledge, cancer in childhood can be cured with considerable results!

The Foundation seeks sponsors in this fight who feel responsible to help the recovery of children with cancer.

What do you have to do to ask for our help?

Please write a request to the Foundation! Provide the exact details of what kind of assistance you may need. Please also attach a recent hospital discharge summary, and the official certification of income for the members of the immediate family to your written request.


The Ambassador of Canada H.E. Pierre Guimond
congratulates to the President of the Foundation 2007.

Consul of the Embassy of Canada Ms. Jennifer L. Orange Roseburgh at the 10th anniversary celebrations of the
establishment of the Foundation (2008)

President of the Foundation Mr. István Balogh with the
First Lady of Poland Mrs. Jolanta Kwasniewska
at an European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC)
Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, (2008)

Professor Witold Zatonski, Head of the Cancer
Prevention Program of the Polish Ministry of Health,
Ms Lynn Faulds Wood, President of the at the
ECPC Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, (2008)

Project Director Francois Pogu presents the token
of the 1,300,000 HUF donation

Mr. Viktor Mohacsy (US) presented a sponsorship
from the Universal Studios in Los Angeles to the
President of the Foundation (August 11. 2008)

Congratulations by Ambassador of the
State of Israel to Hungary H.E. Judit Varnai Sorer

The CEO of the Pediatric Clinic and Dean
of the Semmelweiss University
Professor Dr. Tulassay Gyula with the
President of the Foundation

Jenő Manninger, the President of the
general assembly of Zala County congratulates

Dr. Istvan Mikola, Minister of Health congratulates

Dr. Zoltán Illés, Secretary of Department of Environmental
Sciences and Policy, with István Balogh, president of our Foundation

Dr. János Horváth, Member of the Parliament and
the Chairman of the Foundation at the
Hungarian World-ball

István Tarlós visited the office of the Foundation

Dr. Gusztáv Bölcskey protestant bishop with the president of our Foundation

General Director and chief doctors of Regional Hospital of BAZ County are thanking for the equipment donation

Brigadier-general Bertalan Farkas, the first Hungarian astronaut and István Balogh

Congratulations for further success by President of the
Republic of Hungary H.E Ferenc Mádl (2004)

Dr. Gergely Kriván, on behalf of the Szt. László Hospital,
receives the 20 million HUF donation
from the Foundation (2004)

Zsolt Szabó, who was supported by the Foundation,
met the former Prime Minister Péter Medgyessy
in the Parliament (2004)

Minister of Health Dr. Jenő Rácz receives the medical
instrument donation of record amount at a press
conference in the Ministry of Health (2005)

Dr. Marienn Réti (Szt. László Hospital) with the
20 million HUF worth of equipment purchased
by the Foundation (2004)

CEO of the Markusovszky Hospital in
Szombathely Dr. László Lakner receives the ultrasound
equipment of 10 million HUF (2005)

President of the Foundation Mr. István Balogh
with the 130 million HUF worth of
medical equipment (2005)

Minister of Health Dr. Jenő Rácz receives the medical
instrument donation of record amount at a press
conference in the Ministry of Health (2005)

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Health
Dr. Éva Kereszty at the press conference
on the occasion of the 130 million HUF worth
of medical instruments donation (2005)

At the press conference in the Ministry of Health
on the occasion of the donation of record amount (2005)

State Secretary Dr. Ágnes Horváth and
President of the Foundation Mr. István Balogh at
the press conference held on
the occasion of the donation of a
38,5 million HUF worth of medical equipment (2006)

Those being present at the presentation of the
38,5 million HUF worth medical instrument:
Professor Dr. Ákos Kiss, Mr. István Balogh,
Professor Dr. Tibor Verebély and Dr. András Papp (2006)

More children reached full recovery. The Foundation
was visited by János V., who has fully
recovered from cancer (2006)

Dr. András Huszár, Director General for
Public Health of the Ministry of Health c
ongratulates Mr. István Balogh,
President of the Foundation (2006)


The President of the Foundation Mr. István Balogh
writes the name of the Foundation on the
largest tree of eternal life in Hungary

With the Mayor of Terézváros Mr György Farkas

The Foundation was featured at the Panoráma
World Club on February 22, 2008.
The President of the Foundation
Mr. István Balogh with Lula Szász,
wife of the late artists Endre Szász and
Dr. Gábor Turcsányi, university lecturer.
(February 22, 2008)

The Foundation purchased and donated to the
No. I Pediatric Clinic of the Semmelweiss University
a state-of-the-art medical equipment
of 32,2 million HUF.
Pofessor András Arató expresses thanks to the
President of the Foundation
for the donation April 9, 2008)


A 4,5 million HUF worth of donation to the Kanizsai Dorottya Hospital (Aprill 17, 2008)

State-of-the-art laparoscopic system of 22,7
million HUF worth is donated to the
County Bács-Kiskun Municipality Hospital
(May 6, 2008)

The highest religious leader of Nepal Tanpai Rimpoche
visiting the offices of the Foundation <(June 5, 2008)

The builders of the fourth metro line in Budapest,
Vinci Construction Grands Projets, organized a
collection for helping children with cancer in Hungary

The Foundation purchased much required medical
equipments to the Kanizsai Dorottya Hospital for 7,2 million HUF
(November 11, 2008)

The medical equipment with the latest
technology purchased by the Foundation r
eplaced the forty-year old
outdated Soviet technology (November 11, 2008)


Minister of Health Dr. Tamás Székely congratulates
to the President of the Foundation (2008)

Pediatric Clinics at Szeged – donation of medical equipment (September 30, 2008)

The University of Sciences at Pécs received the unique medical instrument that the Foundation purchased for 20,4 million HUF

With the instrument, 3600 pharmaceuticals and their decomposition products can be identified with high precision

Mrs. Klára Dobrev (wife of Ferenc Gyurcsány) spoke with the Chairman of the Foundation at the reception of the Red Cross

The builders of the fourth metro line in Budapest,
Vinci Construction Grands Projets, organized
a collection for helping children with cancer in Hungary

Inmates in the Juvenile Correction Facility at Tököl
organized a collection for helping
children with cancer the Foundation supports

The collected amount of 117.500 HUF was presented to
the President of the Foundation Mr. István Balogh
at a special theatrical production which was
also attended by 15 children with cancer

Professor Dr. Éva Oláh, Director of the
Laboratory of Genetics, presented a
Gold Level Sponsor certificate to the
President of the Foundation

Professor Dr. Éva Oláh, Director of the Laboratory
of Genetics, and Professor Dr. Csongor Kiss,
Head of the Department of Hematology thanked in the
presence of the media to the President of the Foundation
the donation of 6,6 million HUF

After signing the contract, Dr. Gyula Horváth
congratulates to the President of the Foundation

The winning present: Swiss quality
chocolate and jewelry in one

The President of the Foundation in front of the
archive photographs of the Heim Pál Pediatric Hospital

Officers of the Children Cancer Foundation:
Ms. Gabriella Tobischka

Advisory Board:
Mr. István Balogh, President
Dr. Béni Keil
Mrs. Istvánné Cseh

The meetings of the Board of Directors of the Foundation are open to the public.
The exact time and date is published in the nationally circulated newspapers.
Resolutions by the Board of Directors can be read in the offices of the Foundation at a previously arranged time.

Advisers of the Foundation:
Dr. Borbála Balázs Molnár, D.Sc., Senior Pharmacists
Dr. György Bakanek, MD, Medical Doctor
Dr. András Boóc, D.Sc.,Chemist
Dr. György Erdős, LLD, Lawyer
Professor Dr. Lajos István, MD, Medical Doctor (deceased)
Dr. Gabriella Hegyi, Ph.D., Medical Doctor
Dr. Andrea Kerekes, LLD, Lawyer
Dr. András Papp, MD, Medical Doctor
Dr. Károly Pénzes, LLD, Lawyer
Dr. Ottó Ribári, MD, Medical Doctor
Dr. Tibor Strasszer, LLD, Lawyer
Dr. István Ölveczky, LLD, Lawyer
Dr. Ákos Várkonyi, Medical Doctor
Dr. László Stern, Ph.D., Economist
Dr. Ferenc Szabó, LLD, Lawyer, Bioethicist
Professor Dr. Éva Oláh, MD, Pediatrist, Medical Geneticist
Dr. István Tihanyi, MD, Pediatrist
Dr. Habil András Huszár, MD, Medical Doctor

Patrons of the Foundation

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