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What Do We offer To Our Sponsors?
It is our principle that we ask as we give. In today’s Hungary, and in the contemporary world of business, money is considered as the sole and only means of payment. Since we are a nonprofit organization, we can very rarely pay in money for the services rendered to us. Therefore, we strive to obtain the necessary services in the form of sponsorship. But we are fully aware that nobody sponsors, or likes to sponsor, for free. Being aware of this, we elaborated a scheme of cooperation that we offer to all our potential sponsors.

Due to our status as a priority nonprofit organization, our sponsors are allowed to deduct 150% of the value of their sponsorship to the Foundation from their income before tax. If the sponsorship is provided for at least 4 years, the amount of tax deductible may reach as high as 170% (in accordance with Article 7., paragraphs (5) and (6 )of Act LXXXI. of 1996 on corporate tax).

Every year, the Foundation tries to call the attention of the society to the situation of children with cancer with a variety of activities. Each of these activities and events offers huge assistance to broadly propagate the objectives of the Foundation and to increase our results. The activities of the Foundation are usually accompanied by an intense media and public campaign. On the campaign boards where we publicize our activities and events, we offer the opportunity to include the logos and the names of our sponsors. Thus they unequivocally identify themselves with our objectives, and in turn they also receive publicity.

Articles and interviews about the Children Cancer Foundation appear in the written and electronic media also allow us to name our sponsors. Many companies realized that it was a great help to them if we facilitated cooperation and partnership among those who supported the Foundation. The Foundation is willing and ready to arrange meetings between those individuals and companies who are among our sponsors, since with our involvement such meetings have greater chance of success. We know that connection is an important asset and investment that should be fruitful not only to the Foundation but to our partners as well. The broad network of connections of the Foundation both at home and abroad has already proved that the Children Cancer Foundation has indeed unique and valuable opportunities. 

The Foundation can harmonize its marketing activity with the activity of any sponsor.

And there is another value that we can provide to our donors: the smiling and hopeful faces of children!

The hope of those children who can only trust in us and in our sponsors!

With cash, donation-in-kind, an idea or simply with a word affection!

Should you wish to support the Children Cancer Foundation in EUR or USD, please send or wire your donations to the following bank accounts:

EUR (€)  :10405004-00023465-00000000
USD ($) :10405004-00023464-00000001


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