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In the judgement pronounced on 3March 2014 Budapest-Capital Regional Court obliged the Editorial Office of Magyar Nemzet to make rectifications in the following items:

• By communicating that recently the Government Control Office has found misuse of funds with several charity foundations raising money for healing children with cancer and then by presenting that István Balogh drives around between his home and the city center in the ambulance of the Children Cancer Foundation in their article entitled “Védjegy az átlátható adományozásért” (‘Trademark for transparent donating’) published on 18 December 2013, they gave the false impression that the Children Cancer Foundation would also be among the foundations in whose case the Government Control Office has detected misuse.

• By communicating that the Children Cancer Foundation is also among the organizations which have spent tens of millions of Forints on advertisements, while much less for genuine purposes, they gave the false impression that the Children Cancer Foundations uses an essential part of his income for other purposes than for promotion of public interest.

In reality, in 2011 the Children Cancer Foundation appropriated an amount of 180,276,000 HUF and in 2012 an amount of 183,110,000 HUF to the promotion of public interest, which correspond to the 60% or 70% of their income, respectively.


• They falsely communicated in their article entitled “Bajnai semmiért sem vállalja a felel?sséget” (‘Bajnai refuses to undertake any responsibility’), which was published on 20 December 2013, that István Balogh, the president of the advisory board of the Children Cancer Foundation, was a “corrupt figure and fraud”.

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