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Request from Dani’s mother

Dear Foundation,
Dear Mr Balogh,

My son, Dániel K. was diagnosed with medulloblastoma in 2014. He received 14 courses of chemotherapy and 30 courses of radiotherapy over a period of one and a half years.
Therapy weakened his immune system. Several of the vaccines have to be administered repeatedly and he also needs several new vaccines. His chemotherapy was completed in November 2015 and his doctor prescribed a waiting period of one year before vaccination. On 27 January 2017, Dani was tested at St László Hospital; on the basis of the blood tests and on the specialist’s recommendation, he should receive eight vaccines. Three of these (Pentaxim, Prevenar, Neisvac), which are reimbursed, have already been administered. Havrix Junior, a vaccine against hepatitis, is also recommended and he will receive it free of charge.
The rest of the vaccines are not reimbursed by social insurance.
He still needs the following ones: 2 doses of Bexsero (meningococcus) 70,000 Ft, 2 doses of Varivax (varicella zoster) 23,000 Ft, 1 dose of FSME Immun Junior (tick-borne encephalitis) 10,000 Ft. The total cost of these vaccinations is 103,000 Ft. Another problem is that Bexsero is currently not available in Hungary and therefore must be acquired abroad through a courier service and we have to travel to Budapest to get it.

Since the purchase of these vaccines would be a huge burden on the family budget, I am turning to you asking for the Foundation’s help.

Trusting that my request will be dealt with and looking forward to a positive response,
Éva S.

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