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The request of Mónika’s mother

Dear Mr President,

My daughter was diagnosed with malignant brain tumour (anaplastic ependymoma) when she was only 18 months old. Unfortunately, the tumour affected an area where it was impossible to remove completely by way of surgery. She received chemotherapy, but our physician told us that the tumour was resistant both to citostatic agents and radiation. We may slow down cancer cell generation but it cannot be blocked completely.

As it is impossible for parents to accept a situation like that, we tried to find other solutions. This is how we found alternative therapies, which brought the long-awaited results despite the bad diagnosis received earlier. It was not long after that we registered with the Foundation. I would like to thank you for the support you provided for so many years and still provide us. Your regular financial support and provision of supplementary nutrition products all helped a lot in my daughter’s recovery because we all know how expensive simple multivitamins are.

I would especially like to thank you for your kindness thanks to which I have never felt uncomfortable even for a moment because of the donations received, and the kindness and discretion of your colleagues were also very important. After all your support received, I would like to ask you a favour again.

Moncsi’s favourite programme is the famous Disney channel series “Violetta”. At the end of August, when we are going to celebrate her 8th birthday, the protagonists of the series are going to have a concert in Budapest Arena. My daughter would like to get a ticket as a birthday present. I know very well that there are more important things of much higher priority, but I still thought I should do everything I could to make her dream come true. We would be able to save the price of the ticket until the concert date, but as there is a huge interest, we would have to buy it within some time before. And unfortunately, we cannot afford that….

I would be really grateful if my daughter’s dream could come true with your help and the help of your Foundation. This would be a fantastic birthday present for a little girl who never asks us any favour, but fights against her disease day by day. She has started primary school, and she has excellent results despite all the ordeals she has undergone so far… I do hope you can help us, and that we can express you the warm thanks of a little girl, besides our own.


Sincerely yours,

Mónika K.

Budapest, 10 February, 2015

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