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The request from Szilvia’s mother

Dear Foundation,

We have received your letter in which you informed us that you would be able to settle all our outstanding bills.

I am writing to the Board of Trustees to request you to help us pay the bill (not utility bill). Seeing that we have not received family allowance for our daughter for a long time, we have practically lived on my pension that is HUF 28,500. We have tried to pay the electricity and water bills as far as we could so that the services provider would not stop providing them. In this way however, we were unable to pay Digi television bill for two months as we only receive a total monthly amount of HUF 52,300, which is simply just not enough to live on, buy clothes, pay utility bills or to even save, which would be extremely important. Unfortunately, I have had problems with my waist, for which an injection cure had to be applied three times, which was also rather expensive.

Seeing that Christmas is coming and it is very uncomfortable to live without a television, I kindly request you to help us pay that bill.

We would be very grateful for your help.

We have sent the documents about the Digi bill to you, but as far as I can remember, it is about nearly HUF 29,000 (2 months’ bill) + a reconnection charge of HUF 5,000. In addition to this, another HUF 4,200 would be needed for the monthly bill, which is nearly HUF 39,000 all together. I would like to ask again for your help to let us have a merrier Christmas and to watch the Christmas programs on TV.

Thank you very much for your help.

G. Antalné


PS: The Digi bill is registered under my name.

I kindly ask you to inform us about the case. Please, find my daughter’s telephone number below: 06-30...

Home: 06-72...


Thanking you in advance:

 G. Antalné


Please click here for the reply of our Foundation

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