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The request from Levente’s mother

Children Cancer Foundation


Dear Children Cancer Foundation, dear President,


My son, É. Levente was admitted in April at the age of 1.5 to the Paediatric Oncology Department of the Miskolc County Hospital, where he was diagnosed for high-risk neuroblastoma. Chemotherapy was immediately started, which finished a few days ago, in mid-July. (I have handed over to the Foundation the final hospital bulletins related to his treatments.)


Our financial situation is very difficult (our income per person is approx. 17.000 HUF), so we are grateful for any help, which we receive from people we know or from people we don’t know.


We are hoping that in November we can leave the hospital with my son, but unfortunately we have nowhere to go, as our rented flat, where we until now have been living is unsuitable for establishing the necessary conditions for Levente (wet and mouldy walls, lack of comfort). We are doing our best to be able to buy an apartment as a final solution for ensuring the safety of Levente.


My partner was doing public work and he was looking after our oldest son, but in the meanwhile we found out that I am pregnant with our third child, which we decided not to take on due to our current situation, but according to the attending physicians of Levente the stem cells of our third child may save the life of our little boy so we decided to keep the baby. Due to my current condition, unfortunately I am not able to continuously stay in the hospital with Levente, thus my partner had to give up the public work and he is trying to find money from odd jobs, but if necessary he can stay in the hospital with Levente.


There were a few charity events and the RTL Klub also tried to help us and so far a total of 1.5 million HUF was collected. For about 4.6 million HUF we could buy a little house, which doesn’t need to be refurbished and where we can set up a separate room for Levente.


I cannot express my gratitude enough towards the Foundation for the monthly support and the supplementary nutrition, but unfortunately I need to contact you again for additional help and support, because the life of our son is at risk and due to this cause I cannot be bashful or shamefaced and I have to dare to ask.


I am aware that the Foundation receives requests every day from struggling parents, thus there is a great burden and responsibility on your shoulder and the decision cannot be easy, but I would kindly ask you, if there is a possibility, to support us in achieving our goal. We are planning to purchase the little house in Taktaharkány under the name of our children; us parents would only be beneficial owners.


Budapest, 2014


Yours faithfully, 


Szabina D.


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