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Attila’s request

Dear Children Cancer Foundation,


I am Attila T. In 2010 T cell lymphoblastos lympoma was diagnosed with me and from May 2010 to January 2011 I was given intensive chemotherapy treatments. In February 2011 I went through medulla transplantation.

Due to these treatments my immune system weakened, and fall below the level of that of infants and it had to be recovered from that level.

In 2011 I was so fortunate that I could go back to school from autumn, and this year I could start trainee work.

However, this fortunate situation has also brought about certain difficult consequences.

Since I study in Budapest, and my parents live in Nagyecsed, 300 km to the capital, so I had to find accommodation in Budapest.

Due to my disease student hostel was out of question, for this reason we had to rent a flat.

I must pay the rent and costs, since I have two siblings, and my sister also studies in Budapest.

With regard to my disease I must pay attention to wthat I eat and drink, because my immune system is weaker than that of healthy people.

It means that I must use bottled water for drinking and cooking. It is very expensive for me. My parents thought that we should purchase a water purification device but neither my parents nor I can afford it. For this reason I request you to help me collect the price of water purification device and support me in its purchase.


The device which would be suitable for me is portable, so I could take it with me if I move out of the tenancy. According to my enquiries from the distributor of the water purification device the water quality requirements prescribed for me could be satisfied by the following machines.


The distributor recommended the second machine as its operation is more efficient due to the intensifier pump, and as a result it lets less water out in the sewage. Consequently, it would increase my water consumption to a less extent.


Many thanks, regards, Attila T.

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