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Request from Dominika’s mother

Dear Mr. President,


I, the undersigned Zsuzsa P, born in Marosvásárhely on …, mother’s name: …, address: Budapest …, mother of Dominika O. request for your help. 

In February 2008 malignant germ cell tumour was diagnosed with my daughter. According to spread it was in the 4th stage of the disease; it developed metastasis in the lungs and medulla. The tumour measured 6x7 cm and consisted of several focuses, so it was inoperable.

She was given combined chemotherapy in large doses. She went through two operations and then after repeated chemotherapy in large doses, in January 2009 autologous stem cell transplantation was performed with her. 

Her organism got shattered to such a degree that her weight is below the standard according to age even today. She often suffers from respiratory infection and development of final teeth also showed problems. One of her final teeth grew into her velum. She has to wear braces.

I’d like to request for your support in this if you can help.

I have attached the invoices with VAT issued by the dental technician; here I’d like to mention that the dental treatment started as early as April, the sample was taken for braces in May but we received the invoices only in August.


Yours faithfully, Zsuzsa P, Mother of Dominika O. 

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