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The request of Anett’s father



Dear Children Cancer Foundation,


I am writing to request for your support. My name is János V, I live at .. Street, Szigetszentmiklós. Since January my daughter, Anett has been treated for Hodkin lymphoma in Madarász Street Children Hospital. I have learnt there that you assist children with cancer. When we visited your Office to request for support, you were very helpful. My daughter has received various dietary supplements and vitamins as well as some financial aid from you, which is paid every two months. All that is great help. Now we have a serious problem to be solved. Up to now a friend of mine has provided us with purified water, as the drinking water is of poor quality in Szigetszentmiklós. During the treatments we spend around 10,000 Forints per month on mineral water (Peridot water). Unfortunately, our financial background has decayed due to the trials during the last six months. I’d like to request your Foundation to help us to get a water purification device if possible, as it would make a great contribution to my daughter’s recovery and purified water could also replace the bottled water.

The purification machine is called “AQUA CLEANERS MEDIUM”, this is what is also used by my fiend. It perfectly filters the tap water we have at home, and if we had such a device, we would not need to spend money on mineral water.

I would be grateful for your generosity, if your Foundation could support the recovery of my daughter.


Yours faithfully, 

“a worried father”


Szigetszentmiklós, 1 July 2014


János V.

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