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Request from Gergő’s mother

Dear Children Cancer Foundation, dear President Mr. István Balogh,


two weeks ago the drawing of my son, Gergő was published in order to collect as many votes as possible to get him to see Santa Clause in Lapland. The voting has been closed and Gergő scored at the 3rd place receiving 3200 likes.


The travel agency now decided to make changes to the competition rules and they are willing to support the trip of Gergő or his accompanying adult by granting 150.000 HUF. If he came first, both his and one of his parents’ trip would have been financed too.  For the trip we are short of 170.000 HUF, out of which the family raised 120.000 HUF. I would kindly ask you, Mr. President to grant us the missing 50.000 so that the dream of Gergő can come true. 


Thank you so much. Yours faithfully,

Szilvia B. (mother of Gergő B.)


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