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Before the amputation, a PET-CT would be needed, but in this disease group (bone cancer) it is not supported by the National Health Insurance Fund

The parents of the 12-year-old Petra turned to our Foundation for help. The therapists of their daughter established a diagnosis full of question marks: they were unable to decide if it was Petra’s underlying disease that has emerged again or it was distant metastases that they could see. In order to make an accurate diagnosis, they recommended that a PET-CT examination should be made, but seeing that the National Health Insurance Fund did not finance the examination of HUF 250,000 in this disease group, they suggested amputation (!) of the little child’s leg. In order to make an accurate diagnosis and to save Petra’s leg our Foundation undertook to pay the expenses of the PET-CT examination amounting to HUF 250,000. We do hope that with our financial support, we can save a 12-year-old little girl from the ordeals of an amputation.


Dear Mr Balogh,

We would like to express our greatest gratitude for the selfless financial support that you and Children Cancer Foundation provided to support our daughter, Petra P’s PET-CT examination. Thank you very much for your deep humanity. No words can express how we feel for what you and your Foundation did for us.

Thank you very much. Petra P. Yours sincerely, Erika

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