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We managed to fulfil Attila’s request

The illness of the university student lad started in 2010, when he was diagnosed for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (lymph gland tumour). He has been through several chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments, followed by bone marrow transplantation. Our Foundation has been granting regular financial support to him since the beginning of the treatments and is still granting free of charge vitamins and dietary supplement products crucial for recovery. 

The 23-year-old university student now lives in a rented apartment away from his parents and is still studying and trying to sustain himself from the money he is earning at his work experience. In order to maintain his all clear status and for full recovery he needs to pay special attention to his diet and the quality of the water he is drinking. Tap water is out of question and he cannot afford to buy bottled water (as he should be using bottled water also for cooking).

The best solution would be the installation of water purifier equipment, which he could not finance from his own resources.

We have undertaken the payment of the costs of a water purifier equipment in order to further support the recovery of Attila.

Attila at the Onco-Olympic Games 2012 got two golden medals, one in single table tennis and one as a member of the football team.

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