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The Children Cancer Foundation fulfilled the requests of children suffering from cancer

Lilla was 1.5 years old when she was diagnosed for liver cancer. The little girl had to go through several operations and chemotherapy treatments for many months. She is living in a rented flat with her mother, without anybody’s help or support under very modest living conditions. Due to the weak immune system of Lilla she is not allowed to attend any community, so the mother and the little daughter have to spend their days outside the hospital in a germ-free room. Lilla loves the cartoons designed for her age group, but they didn’t have a television. With the help of our support we could make the dream of Lilla come true: we purchased a television for them.


Tilla is an 8-year-old big girl, who is recovering from leukaemia. Her father asked our help in purchasing a laptop for her, making her studies easier and to help her to comply with school related assignments. We have fulfilled the request and we are hoping that the laptop besides ensuring better results at school will also help Tilla to forget about the painful hospital treatments. 


Vajki has been through several operations due to his brain tumours. The 8.5-year-old boy asked for a smart phone, but his parents despite of all their efforts were unable to purchase it for him. His father decided to contact our Foundation. Vajki jumped out of his skin when he received the long-awaited brand new telephone. We are hoping that the internet enabled phone will contribute to the development of Vajki and to the improvement of his school results.

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