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Cintia smiles again

Thanks to our program “A lock of hair from you is a precious gift for them”, which was launched jointly with “Tincses Sziget Gyermek Élményfodrászat” (Children Hairdressing Salon – Island with Locks of Hair), more and more children and adults offer their cut hair so that it will be used for making wigs for ill children with cancer. Today another joyful child, Cintia could receive the wig made from the donated locks at her request, by which – it is well visible in the photos, we managed to induce smile on the face of the young girl fighting with cancer. This year brain tumour was diagnosed with Cintia, which doctors removed by opreration and then they treated her with chemotherapy. Due to the side effect of the therapy she lost her hair, alike other children did. The disease and its inevitable side effects mentally shattered the 12-year-old girl. Her parents tried to relieve the grief of their daughter by purchasing a wig from artificial hair, but unfortunately, it did not help. They contacted our Foundation to request for support, and we had the wig made from the received locks of hair for Cintia.

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