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She offered her locks of hair for her fellow sufferer

Vivien has been fighting with cancer since 2007 and she has already been free of symptoms for four years. (Medical men will state her recovery from cancer after five years free of symptoms.) The ten-year-old girl had her long braid cut at the beginning of the treatment when her hair started falling out, and she has kept it until now. Following the therapies her hair re-grew which she has had cut again so as to offer it along with her carefully kept braid for a fellow sufferer of hers who much more badly needs a wig made from real hair..


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It was a touching experience to see Vivi bringing her cut locks in person, since she really knows how the children with cancer feel when losing their hair; she could not avoid this side effect of chemo- and radiotherapies either. This story also shows that the children who have overcome cancer become adults early and their way of thinking is mostly different from that of their peers who luckily never were threatened by this killer disease.

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