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Hungarian Cancer Patients’ Interest Representation in the European Union

Since its establishment ten years ago, the European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC) has ensured an unrivalled interest representation to adult and children patients with cancer in respect of medical issues in the European Union. The principal objectives of this independent coalition extend to ensuring priority and constant attention to the prevention, early recognition and the proper treatment of cancer in each state of the European Union. In Europe, annually 3.2 million cases of cancer are diagnosed, making cancer still one of the most severe health issues in this region.

The European Union and each member state jointly bear responsibility for a properly functioning public health system. As regards issues pertinent to patients with cancer, the ECPC plays an essential role both in terms of the EU and the member states. The coalition initiates and expresses its opinions on the amendment of statutes at the level of the European Union in cooperation with those involved, and it represents the cancer patients’ interest in accordance with the “Nothing about us, without us!” principle. At the level of the member states it supports its local member organisations, which strive collectively with the government of the country considered to attain the availability of equal supplies and medical attendance in their home countries.

The ECPC maintains close connections with the institutes of the European Union: with the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the European Council. It has launched the European Anti-Cancer Forum to support the endeavours of cancer patients and the prevention of cancer, which creates opportunities for the direct exchange of information between the cancer patients and the members of the European Parliament. The ECPC is a member of the European Commission – European Political Forum and it is the sole organisation representing patients’ interests to be involved in the cancer research projects of the European Union.

To achieve its targets, the ECPC, rallying over 300 patient associations of 44 countries, including the 27 EU member states, relies on its professional team of specialists. The coalition is controlled by the board of directors, which has appointed Mr. István Balogh to be its member as a recognition of his merits. It is a great honour that the expertise and commitment of the chairman of our Foundation is acknowledged by the most superior civil organisation of the European Union representing the cancer patients and we are extremely proud that through this position taken in the board of directors of a powerful but still flexible organisation he can contribute to the acknowledgement of the European Cancer Patient Coalition, and ultimately to suppress this feared disease affecting the whole society of our country and the entire Europe.

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