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What’s the trouble with foundations?

The founders’ objective is binding for the foundations. In the case of our foundation it is implementation of an oncological-haematological department meeting the requirements of the 21st century.

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István Regös – 11-09-2014


Speaking in a fine ‘café style’, I must say that I hate the racket emerging about the foundations. What is the strangest thing is that in most cases the abuse is aimed at the organizations in which somebody raise money and make donations for public benefit whether properly or improperly.


Earlier, let’s say, ten years ago, when any foundation made a donation, whether a small or big one, for any group of the society, presumably for those in need, it was cheered, awarded or recognised in any other manner. Since then everything seems to have changed; the world of foundations has been out of joint. The above statement has basically changed: anybody that has taken up raising money and distributing or donating it properly or improperly, presumably for those in need, that is assumed to be inherently wrong. He must be at least fraud, or at medium level he is considered to be a person misappropriating the funds or an embezzler or even a thief. The judgement seems to be a question of decision.




Let’s stay in the theoretical field for a while. When foundations were set up in Hungary without any traditions or preliminaries, at least from the past seventy years, they really were operated almost without regulations or experience in an unprofessional manner. As a result, the expectations also emerged in an amateur manner based on ideas relating to faith. Since then the world has seen a dramatic change: non-professionalism and the so called social work of enthusiastic civilians are over. The world of foundations has become business just like a tobacconist’s or a bakery or a pharmaceutical factory. The enthusiastic non-professional social workers have been replaced by the professionally organized structure of foundations with employees and agents or organizers working for commission. The foundations stepped out of the civil sphere into the business world, and they have found themselves in a profitable situation instead of a non-profit one. They started organize event and acquire huge media spaces, i.e. they intended to raise money by investments and by doing extra work, that is to gain profit. However, as far as remember my school studies, we were taught that any one making money, i.e. gain by investing money and by transacting sales and purchase, that was producing profit.


Even good things can be twisted to achieve bad ends


I simply cannot express any opinion on the events occurring with the Ökotárs Foundation using Norwegian Funds because I am not familiar with details. I know that the police interfered because they had received reports which they are bound to investigate according to the law. Consequently, it is not the police to be blamed but the situation. Another amonaly is ramming a picked out foundation in mud and taking it down. I am sure that everybody could see – as it was shown on each existing TV channel and website - István Balogh, the founding leader of the Children Cancer Foundation, is going somewhere in an ambulance. Allegedly, to make arrangement in important matters. Well, it is an abuse against the nation, a crime against humanity. The inflictable punishment could be at least impalement, hanging, quartering, shooting or breaking on the wheel. The order can be decided on by the convict, since it is a democratic country. But seriously, I simply consider it revolting that certain colleagues and media are splashing with pleasure in non-existing matters, or if any of them exists, it looks small beside the one-decade performance of the foundation.


Recovered patients will not forget


As a matter of fact, it is all the same why, but István Balogh set up a foundation and worked 12-14 hours a day in order that they would give hope to a number of ill children for recovery. This is what is hidden here; no one talks about that, no anything than the trip in the spunky ambulance is shown. Naturally, István Balogh is not a martyr and he does not want to be one, and I am sure that like in every economic organization, in his foundation there could also be deficiencies in the management. However, what any foundation uses money for it is exclusively regulated by one thing: the deed of foundation. It is a nasty thing to do if someone is kissing the helping hand until it gives support to them. But if it is unable to give any longer, or if it does not want to give, then he bites into that hand. However, this practice is widely known, unfortunately; as a great politician used to say; gratitude is not a political category. I say once again, before I am blamed for a mistake that the Mix media have regularly published the activity of both Children Cancer Foundation and other foundations during the 1% campaigns. Naturally, we are not obliged to form a judgement on legality of the activity of the foundations published with us. However, we know that it was the Children Cancer Foundation which has been subject to due diligence inside and outside, at the top and bottom several times. Recently the gravest accusation has been - according to some offensive media – that they held an amount of HUF 700,000 to 800,000 on various bank accounts for gain. It was clearly disaffirmed by both the legal representative and the management of the Foundation. They claimed that they were trying to raise funds for an institution where they could give hope for recovery to children with cancer in the most modern circumstances and with recent medical devices.




If you cannot help others, at least do not harm


As I have mentioned above in this paper, the present system of foundations is a professional business. The employees of foundations also receive their wages from the amounts accumulated from the 1% of the personal income taxes offered by unselfish supporters. Well, dear colleagues, you can try to make the activity of a foundation impossible by depriving it from supporters who have regularly offered the 1% of their income tax. But who benefits from that? Children will only lose, and here loss will mean life. Or are there any other factors in the background? Are they certain ambitious foundations which have no idea what kind of work has been invested in the activity of the Children Cancer Foundation up to the present? Or do they also expect the media to make everybody cry together? Or is it enough for them to shout robber and they can shoot? I’d like to emphasize that I do not know and I do not want to either that what kind of legal activity the Children Cancer Foundation or any other one pursues; the only thing I’d like is the objectives that they have been set up for would be realized. And I am sure that it cannot be achieved by smashing their nimbus, on the contrary, by supporting the spirit of the foundations. If there is deficiency anywhere, it is to be corrected. If the regulations are poor, they must be amended or replaced by new ones. However, until in the absence of supports by foundations, hospitals, schools or sports clubs would be closed, any frontal attack against a foundation and people working in is more than a mistake, but it is a sin.

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