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Surprise party with Berci’s family

Leukemia was diagnosed with the eight-year-old boy by his doctors. Unfortunately, the chemotherapy treatments proved to be insufficient, for this reason in February this year medulla transplantation had to be performed with the child. Berci was forced to stay hospitalized in a sterile and partly sterile room while he was looking forward to passing of days.

His mother – with the help of supporters and friends – furnished a germ-free room for him so that he could return home from hospital as soon as possible. Berci regained strength in home environment quite soon; his persistence and his volition to recover led to success; now he is well and he has stepped on the path of full recovery. Keeping the child’s recovery in mind, our Foundation approved mother’s request for support, and we contributed to the reconstruction.

To the greatest surprise of Berci, mother organized a party for 30 August, where she invited all the supporters and friends who had promoted the construction of the germ-free room and Berci’s recovery. She also invited Eszterlánc Band, and the young children could enjoy concert and improvised dance instructions, and of course, a delicious meal.

The company of 40 celebrated the recovery of the young hero, Berci, who had gone through so much pain. Berci was delighted to play with other children and to receive his numerous birthday presents. Our foundation surprised him with some toys specifically for boys. The deeply touched child thanked for the presents in a really young-man-manner.





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