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We are granting thirty million Forints for the establishment of a Western-European level oncology department at Heim Pál Children’s Hospital


Let’s join our forces for the recovery of children suffering from cancer!


The Children’s Cancer Foundation has been planning to build a hospital in Hungary for 16 years, where the treatment of children suffering from cancer takes place at one single location from the diagnosis to rehabilitation at Western-European level. While we are working on accomplishing our plans, we are supporting any initiations along the way, which are serving the purposes of offering a more professional and more human care for children suffering from cancer.

Heim Pál Children’s Hospital is working on the accomplishment of a new project, for which they have requested the support of our Foundation. We have studied the plans and it goes without saying that we are also contributing to the establishment of the new department. In order to ensure high level care for the patients, modern and well-equipped rooms will be established. Children and parents upon entering these rooms will not have the feeling that “oh, no, I am in hospital”, but rather “ok, I have arrived, I am feeling good, it’s like being at home”.

The Hospital ensures that during the long duration of the treatments children and parents can stay together enjoying a modern hospital environment. By establishing accurate technical background they support communication between families and the outside world. Children, besides focusing on their recovery can also study and the little patients even during the treatments can remain a child and can play and develop.

The new department will be located in a way that the diagnostic technological procedures (such as CT, digital X-ray, endoscope technology, mobile ultrasound, etc.) are made available, meaning that technology is brought to the patients instead of taking patients to technology. ;

For the establishment of the country’s first exemplary oncologic department the hospital requested a funding in an amount of 30.000.000 HUF from our Foundation. In agreement with the noble goals we have committed to the accomplishment and undertook the provision of the requested financial assistance.

You give twice, if you give fast! Yesterday (12.02.2014) we have already transferred 15.000.000 HUF to the Hospital.

We could provide this amount from the 1% income tax donations.

Thank you for offering 1% of your income tax to the Children Cancer Foundation.

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