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Index got it wrong 13 May, 2015

Index published a rectification in connection with the Children Cancer Foundation after it turned out that István Balogh, President of the Foundation did not run away from the country when he was accused of several things in the press.

“In our article published in October 2014 we falsely claimed that István Balogh, president of the Children Cancer Foundation had been seen checking-in to a London flight at Ferenc Liszt Airport, and according to the luggage-label his destination was Miami.

The article was published under the title “Is president of the Children Cancer Foundation on the run?” and was about his alleged journey in connection with the criminal proceedings which had been initiated against Mr Balogh a short while ago, and terminated since then.

By now it has been clearly proven that István Balogh did not travel on that day: his name was not included in the passenger list of the flight in question, and he had no roaming calls on that particular day. Our article was published without any factual ground, furthermore, it made István Balogh look really bad.”

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