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Rectifications/Rectifications has published rectification in relation to one of its misleading articles 27.07.2014


27.07.2014. 17:27

By using the expression “Empire of properties owned by Balogh with child cancer” in our article “Balogh with child cancer has a house in Florida as well”, which was published on our portal on 19 March 2014, we gave the false impression that István Balogh acquired his properties from the income of the Children Cancer Foundation. In reality, István Balogh has acquired his properties, including the apartment in Florida, from verified legal resources. Both István Balogh and the Children Cancer foundation hold properties of their own, and there is no overlap or connection of any kind between them. István Balogh did not deny his relationship with Children Cancer Foundation Inc. operating in the United States of America; on the contrary, he made it public.”

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