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List: which hospital how much has been donated to by the Children Cancer Foundation

“We have falsely claimed that in 2001 APEH found that the foundation appropriated 800,000 HUF out of its total income of 127 million HUF to the healing of children with cancer.

This representation is untrue; APEH had no such finding in relation to the Children Cancer Foundation. In contrast to our communication, in reality, in 2001 the foundation had an income of 75,823,000 HUF, out of which an amount of 13,036,000 was appropriated to the healing of children with cancer.

In our article we stated: “According to the Index the organization has properties in a value of 78 million Forints. Whereas in reality, the amount of 78 million HUF has reference to all the assets of the foundation, and the value of the properties forms only a part of the total amount of 78 million HUF.

“What is the sum of support have the Paediatric Oncological Centres in Hungary received from the Children Cancer Foundation? asked Szilágyi György from the Ministry of Human Resources (Emmi). According to the MP of Jobbik recently there have been alarming communications in the media in relation to the activity of the Children Cancer Foundation”.

Szilágyi have already raised before: the summary of the annual reports of the foundation shows that its total income coming from the one percent offers amounts to 3 billion 768 million Forints, in comparison to this the total income exceeded an amount of 5 billion 210 million Forints. “In conclusion, if the statement of Mr. Balogh is true, and there is an amount of 903 million Forints is on the account, it means that not less than an amount of seven hundred million Forints is missing”, said the MP.


István Balogh, the head of the Children Cancer Foundation communicated earlier that since the establishment of the foundation in 1997 a total amount of 3 billion 768 million Forints had come in, out of that they had appropriated 2 billion 600 million Forints to the support of children with cancer and their family as well as to the costs of medical care, thus there is an amount of 903 million Forints on the bank account of the foundation. According to Mr. Balogh, who, as a president receives a salary of 523,000 Forints, the foundation is bound to reserve 900 million Forints according to the deed of foundation (earlier he stated to the Origo that they would construct a hospital from that amount).


The Children Cancer Foundation responded to the presentation of Szilágyi, the MP of Jobbik that his communication had done harm to the foundation, to this end they suggest that the MP should request a forensic chartered accountant and have his accountancy mistakes checked. They were convinced that the “grave assertion” of György Szilágyi misadvised the group of taxpayers offering the 1% of their personal income tax, and thus he jeopardized not only the Children Cancer Foundation but the entire non-profit sector.


From 2005 to the present Heim Pál Children’s Hospital has received inkind donations in a total gross value of HUF 197.777 million from the Children Cancer Foundation – answered the parliamentary undersecretary of state of Emmi. According to the table presented by András Doncsev, in 2005 the abovementioned hospital received a haematogical machine of a value of 9.6 million HUF, a guardian monitor and 2 infusion pumps in a total value of 4.3 million HUF as well as a video endoscopy system with gastroscopy and coloscopy in a value of 29.5 million HUF. Two years later the Children Cancer Foundation donated a 6.6-million-Forint video gastroscopy.


Later Heim Pál Children’s Hospital also received a Fujinon video endoscopy system (HUF 34.5 million), 5 inhalators with Mobineb compressor (HUF 34,400 per unit), 50 nozzles type Mefar 200 (HUF 2,040/unit), 100 mouthpieces type M2000 (HUF 360/unit), a sliding door (HUF 948,000), a laparoscopic system with accessories (HUF 34.7 million), 3 Aeroguard air-filters (HUF 629,000), head microscope (HUF 22.4 million), a video-bronchoscopy system (HUF 33.6 million), 2 Aeroguard air-filters (HUF 419.800/unit) one otolaryngological set (HUF 18.3 million). After 2010 Heim Pál Hospital received a donation on one occasion, and last they received 2 water purification machines and a water sterilizing UV lamp (HUF 497,000/unit). According to the communication sent to our paper since 2005 they have provided support in a total value of 208,071,498 Forints.


According to the information provided by the director, since 2009 SOTE Children’s Clinics no. 2 has not received support of any kind from the Children Cancer Foundation in spite if their several requests, said Doncsev. According to him in the initial years following their establishment they may have supported the clinic, for instance, by carrying patients, however, they cannot recall any other donation. As far as they know, the Children’s Clinic no 1 could have received support that can be said to be significant 7 or 8 years ago, which was an endoscopy system. Since then the oncological care has been transferred to the Children’s Clinic no. 2. In addition, the institution knows that the foundation directly supports the patients with a monthly donation of HUF 5,000 but only those who always go to the foundation to collect the donation. According to the advice given by the foundation in 2005 SOTE Children’s Clinic no. 2 received a total donation of HUF 28,447,500 on instruments. The foundation says that they provide their regular monthly support for the family of each registered child, even if they are unable to receive it personally. In such cases they send it by post or by bank transfer, as requested by parents.

In 2004 the unified Szent István and Szent László Hospital received 1 Uvar XTS-type photopheresis device in a value of HUF 20 million, which is out of service at present, and it is to be renewed, said the undersecretary of state. The foundation responded that the hospital had received not only that device but also other donations. For instance, in 2005 it received instruments in a total value of HUF 10,792,850.


Between 2006 and 2010 Debrecen University received a heart ultrasound device, a cell separator, a head microscope for operations, and they renewed the Clinical Genetics Laboratory. According to the university the estimated value of the devices amounted to HUF 73.7 million, excluding the price of the cell separator. Since 2005 the support has come to total sum of HUF 115,799,932.


Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Hospital and the University Hospital in Miskolc have received donations of a total value of HUF 128.1 million from the Children Cancer Foundation. Among the donations (according to the undersecretary of state, the last one was received in 2010 – according to the foundation in 2013) there was a deep freezing system, freezing equipment, imaging equipment with accessories, US diagnostic device, 2 data storage units and US cutting and coagulation device. The foundation communicated to us that their donations had totalled to HUF 180,531,365.


Pécs University received a chromatograph, which they use for toxicological tests. The foundation added that beyond that device they had also received instruments for HUF 9,424,472.


The Paediatrics Clinic and Children’s Health Care Centre of Szeged University has received a 10-million- and then a 41-millin donation for medical devices. On one occasion a foreign patient has received financial and in kind support (dietary supplements) in a total sum of HUF 120,000, and the nursing fee of another foreign patient (1 million HUF) was undertaken by the foundation. The patients treated in the Onko-haemotological Department of the Paediatrics Clinic receive direct support – those who request and contact the foundation – of HUF 10,000 on average every two months, and they are also supported with dietary supplements. According to the foundation this list is deficient, and they say that they supported the clinic in a total value of HUF 175,843,911.


Markusovszky Hospital in Szombathely received donations in a gross total value of HUF 13,984 million (all items in 2005, one item in 2007) from the children Cancer Foundation. The list includes 4 infusion pumps (HUF 1.748 million), 20 covers for mattress, 4 Omron M4-I tensiometers, 60 needles for medulla taking, 100 Tiens SF852 Blood Pressure Debressor monitors, 200 blood sugar reducing potassium, 500 double cellulose tablets, 2000 Tianshi chewable calcium tablets, 1 ultrasound device (HUF 9.9 million), 1 patient guard monitor (HUF 1.75 million) and 1 pulzoxymeter Nonin 8600 (HUF 500,000). The foundation indicated that beyond the donation they also provided support in a total value of HUF 39,595,282.


Author: Sándor Éber

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