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Thank you letter from Bence's mother

Dear Foundation,Thank you very much for the support you have extended to us, it has been a great help to our family.

About Bence’s current condition:
We go for monthly check-ups. Bence is still symptom-free after the second round of treatment and surgery. He hasn’t been receiving any treatment for a year. He is going to have an MRI test in October and if it proves negative, his port will be removed. He has just received a hearing aid and will have to go through minor surgeries like frenulotomy of the tongue, which hopefully will allow him to start speaking, and an operation on the testicles. What we are especially happy about is that the gastric tube has been removed. We hope he is able to go to nursery in September. He is eating more and more through the mouth and also accepts liquids, thank God. He is a lively and vigorous child despite his condition. His favourite dish is spaghetti Bolognaise. He is very active and loves being outdoors. He walks deftly and can already run.

Beáta K.

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