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Thank you letter from Milán’s mother

Dear Children Cancer Foundation,

Milán has successfully undergone the surgery, which was performed at the Neurology Clinic of Debrecen University. His doctor, Professor László B. told us that everything went well. His sight in the right eye has always been poor and now the only thing he can perceive is light and shadow. His sight in the left eye was only slightly impaired. From December, he is going to take the medicines again that inhibit the growth of the tumour residue. Milán has regained his strength very quickly, thanks to his perseverance and the vitamins and dietary supplements we are receiving from the Children Cancer Foundation.

The week we spent in Debrecen was very difficult for us as we could not expect any visitors with all our family and friends living 400 km away. Fortunately, I was able to be with Milán throughout our stay and everyone dear to us was with us in their souls.

For the last day, we arranged for a big surprise for Milán. The boys in Tankcsapda, his favourite group, agreed to visit him in the clinic. They were very kind and sympathetic, making Milán very-very happy. We are so grateful to them and wanted to share our joy with the Children Cancer Foundation.í/p>

Thank you very much for the help we have been receiving and wish you and your supporters all the best.

Milán and Erzsébet S. on behalf of the T. family

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