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The Foundation’s letter to the Ministry of Human Resources

Ministry of Human Resources
Akadémia u. 3.


Zoltán Balogh


Subject: Donation


Dear Minister,

The cooperation between the Rehabilitation Home of Patients with Cancer of Bakonyszücs and the Children Cancer Foundation goes back to many years. The Home has been pursuing its activities for the complex mental rehabilitation of children with cancer and their families for 25 years now.
However, due to the reduction in the financial resources, the continuous operation of the institute poses enormous challenge to Dr Márta Bakos-Tóth, head of the institute, who struggles for its survival with her several decades experience and exemplary empathy beyond all limits.
Our Foundation has always supported the Home, and provided them the financial support they essentially requested. In this way, we established the symbolic bridge which was able to preserve the Home for the future.
We all acknowledge the special role of rehabilitation for children with cancer on the way to complete recovery that is why it is inexplicable for us to see why the Home does not receive more attention in addition to the moral acknowledgement of its leader.
During our visits to Bakonyszücs, we could personally see that the amounts we provided as lifeline are sufficient for survival only, but they are not enough for improvements. The poor condition of the property and the need for urgent renovation puts the sole rehabilitation institute of the Hungarian Paediatric Oncology Network in serious danger. In order to avoid that the idea of the termination of the essential activities of the rehabilitation home presents itself even as a theoretical possibility, the Curatorium of our Foundation has decided to provide financial support for the complete renovation of the institute.
We are convinced that our idea corresponds to the will of many good-hearted people, however we know that beyond good will not everybody is able to provide the financial support that we are ready to offer now.

Dear Minister! I kindly ask you as a person who feels that the efficient recovery of ill children is a mission beyond his position, to inform us about your further plans in connection with the Rehabilitation Home of Patients with Cancer of Bakonyszücs.

Budapest, 9 January, 2015.
Yours sincerely,

István Balogh

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