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The Foundation’s answer to the request of Kiara’s mother

Dear Madame, dear Mother,


In your emergency request you asked for our support to the construction of a partly sterile room inevitably important for Kiara’s recovery.

As we have informed you before, with regard for your daughter’s chances for recovery and for the core assessment sent by Siófok Local Government Office we decided for supporting your request.

We undertake to pay the implementation cost of HUF 119,745 specified in the price quotation sent to Children Cancer Foundation in full. 

According to the provisions of our policy the above mentioned amount will be transferred against the invoice following the implementation and the receipt of the certificate of the performance issued by the local government.

Name and address for invoicing: Gyermekrák Alapítvány, 1084 Budapest, Rákóczi tér 10.

Please notify us of the commencement and finish of the works so that we will be able to take actions required for the administration.

Naturally, we will continue to provide Kiara with the regular monthly support, vitamins, medicaments and dietary supplements.

We hope that we could make a contribution to the soonest possible recovery of your child.


Budapest, 16 September 2014 



István Balogh


Children Cancer Foundation

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