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The Foundation’s answer to the request of Rikárdó’s mother

Dear Madam, dear Mother,


In your emergency request sent to us you asked for the support of our Foundation for the payment of the vaccinations not financed by OEP (National Health Insurance Fund).

I am pleased to inform you that in regard for your difficult financial situation and to your child’s state of health, we have decided for the grant of your request.

The Children Cancer Foundation undertakes to pay the costs of the vaccination against hepatitis recommended by your son’s doctor and of the repetition of the vaccination against varicella up up to an amount of HUF 16,500.


When purchasing the vaccinations, please ask for the invoice to the name and address of the Children Cancer Foundation (1084 Budapest, Rákóczi tér 10.), and we will pay the price of the vaccinations directly for you.

We hope that we could make a contribution to the soonest possible recovery of Rikárdó by our support.


Budapest, 4 July 2014 



István Balogh


Children Cancer Foundation 

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