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Imola’s new wig is ready

When Imola got her new wig, her first sentence was the following: “It’s like my hair had indeed grown back. I’m so happy! Thank you everyone!“

The 21-year-old girl has successfully fought leukemia and now can consider herself free of the disease. He had to face and fight the innumerable side-effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and bone transplantation. One might think that after 15 years, she now lives happily, having overcome the murderous disease. Her happiness, however, is not complete. As a consequence of earlier treatments, she lost her hair. Her doctors hoped her hair would grow back after her recovery. Later, however, it turned out that most of the hair follicles had died. The experts recommended hair transplantation, but it did not work: Imola’s hair grew back only in patches, very thinly. While she was younger she used to wear kerchiefs and bandannas, but later she found it increasingly embarrassing that she could not go anywhere without her hair being covered because people kept staring at her. She became shy and lonely. Her mother bought her synthetic wigs to make her life easier but these wigs were very uncomfortable and difficult to handle. Imola wished she had a wig made of real hair but her parents could not afford that.

Recently, she came across our campaign “A lock from you – a lot for them” and turned to our foundation for assistance, just as she did during her disease. Naturally, we were ready to help her again. Due to the popularity of our campaign, we received a lot of donations and were able to have a customised wig made for Imola. Again, our joint efforts have helped a young girl regain her confidence.

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