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Kálmán has been using the “magic car“ for two years

Kálmán’s disease was first discovered four and a half years ago. A malicious tumour developed in his brain, and it was so severe that an immediate, live-saving operation had to be performed. During the operation the majority of the tumour was removed, but unfortunately, as a result of the operation, Kálmi became paralysed. Since then, he has not been able to use his limbs, he depends on his parents’ help completely, and he is not even able to use the wheelchair alone. He has undergone several chemo- and radiation therapies, and even a stem cell transplantation. He was only 16 years old when he started using the wheelchair due to his disease. His parents could not see that while his friends lived the happy lives of teenagers, their son was forced into a wheelchair unable to move with his head lowered for a period that nobody knows.

They turned to our Foundation for help to achieve that their son would be able to walk and smile again.

In addition to the regular support, we also bought Kálmán a special wheelchair in which he can stand up, and which he can use alone – without any help – with an electric handle.


We built a ramp in front of the entrance of their flat, so that Kálmán would be able to go to the garden in his special wheelchair at any time he wishes.

He has been using the wheelchair for more than two years now, which his parents call a ‘’magic car”.

With the help of this machine, he can move much more easily either in the flat or in the garden. Due to his “independence”, Kálmán has become more open-minded to the outside world, regained his self-confidence, and the positive reflections from his surroundings give him additional strength on the long way to recovery.

We could not have achieved that without your support. Thank you very much!

Support the work of the Children Cancer Foundation by offering 1 percent of your personal income tax so that we would be able to help more and more children to recover from cancer!

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