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Children Cancer Foundation helps with 80 million HUF

The 7-year-old Klaudia K. was diagnosed with brain stem malignancy in 2013. Neurosurgeons at Pécs University Medical School took the view that   "biopsy itself was a risk so irradiation should be considered without histology".


The parents did not accept this opinion and sent the medical report to Vienna and Johns Hopkins Hospital in the US. While in Hungary even biopsy was considered risky (!!!), the world famous US hospital, in light of the medical records, was ready to do the biopsy, perform the operation and carry out the treatment.


To finance the therapy abroad, the patients turned to the Children Cancer Foundation and to the public through a programme called   "Mokka" on channel TV2.


In such a disease, each day counts and any delay may be a threat to life. The child’s condition had visibly deteriorated since the diagnosis, so the Children cancer Foundation Board of Tustees decided on their very first meeting (May 14, 2014) to finance the costs of biopsy, surgery and treatment, based on the cost estimate of Johns Hopkins Hospital. From the television interview it was clear that all these costs should have been borne by the parents. After all, why else would they turn to the Children Cancer Foundation and the public, if the costs were financed by the National Health Insurance?


To prevent further deterioration of Klaudia’s condition, the Foundation undertook to pay a maximum of two times 40 million, i.e. a total of 80 million HUF, which includes the cost of travelling, accomodation and of any necessary further treatment. The child’s father and the editorial board of   "Mokka" were notified in writing of this decision on the very same day. 


To overcome language difficulties, we contacted the US Children Cancer Foundation Inc., which naturally undertook to assist with any arising problems Kaludia and her mother might have during their stay in the US.


We trust that the brain stem tumour diagnosed nearly a year ago will eventually be cured.

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