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Heim Pál Paediatric Hospital received medical equipment unique in Hungary

Hungarian paediatric gastroenterologists turned to the Children Cancer Foundation for help.

They asked for a capsule endoscope which will enable them to set up diagnoses without surgery performed under anaesthesia, posing practically no risk to the patient. The equipment facilitates examination of segments of the small intestine and recognition of lesions, pre-cancerous conditions and tumours underlying haemorrhages and inflammatory symptoms.


1089 Budapest, Üllői út 86.




Children Cancer Foundation

István Balogh



Re: capsule edoscopy, thanks


Dear Mr President,


Four years ago, complying with the request of paediatric gastroenterologists, the Children Cancer Foundation made capsule endoscopy available for children in Hungary.


In 2010, even before being financed by the National Health Insurance, the equipment purchased and made available to us by the Foundation was used in 12 cases. Financing by the National Health Insurance now allows the examination of 20 to 25 children a year, i.e. more than 60 children coming from all over the country have been tested  this way in the past three years.


The technique facilitates the examination of intestinal segments that are not accesible by conventional endoscopy making it possible to identify lesions, pre-cancerous states and tumours underlying haemorrhages and inflammatory symptoms.


For adult patients, there is a type of endoscope (enteroscope) that allows inspection of the whole small intestine.This technique, however, cannot be used in younger children (due to its size); in older children, enteroscopy is a risky intervention requiring prolonged anaesthesia and  technical experience and, as a consequence, is used in exceptional cases  and in specific indications only.


Capsule endoscopy is painless, quick, does not require anaesthesia and provides good quality image, which makes it suitable for the examination of children.


We are grateful to the Foundation for making the equipment available for us.


Budapest, April 8, 2014


Yours truly,


Dr. Anikó Nagy                                                                                                               Dr. Natália Lásztity

Director General                                                                                                          Head of Endoscopy Unit





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