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Intense fight for ten years..!

Martin, his parents, the doctors and our Foundation fought for ten years to overcome the killer disease. However, cancer proved to be stronger. Despite a hardest fight and greatest devotion we have lost a child of ours who was among those supported by us for the longest period.

All of us were deeply shaken by the shocking news and the failure of our fight.

We engaged ourselves to make even more efforts to avoid such tragedies in the future.





Children Cancer Foundation

Dear Mr. István Balogh,

We are writing to express our thanks for the support that you provided for our family for nearly ten years.

The disease was diagnosed with Martin in 2002; Opticus glioma.

We got in contact with you in September 2003.

Thanks to your generous assistance Martin received a lot of food supplements.

You regularly paid the cost of the foodstuff for our family.

Your extraordinary support gave us a chance even to replace our windows.

Martin had become free of symptoms by December 2009.

The effect of the preparations also contributed to such improvement in his state to a great extent.

Unfortunately, on 2 January 2012 he was given the third surgery.

You continued to support our family.

Unfortunately, on 15 June 2013 Martin turned out to develop leukemia.

The chemotherapy according to protocol was commenced with him, however, certain complications occurred.

He spent two months in hospital in Szombathely, and then he was in the intensive paediatric department of the Szent László Hospital in Budapest for a month.

He was kept in an aesthesia and with a respirator.

The period of three months was extremely difficult in the mental terms for the family.

On 10 September 2013 Martin passed away.

We thank you gratefully for the support you provided for our family.

We wish you every success and health to carry on your work.

God bless you.

Kindest regards, father V.

mother V.

Eszter V.



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