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Rehabilitation Home Faces Financial Crisis Again

Children Cancer Foundation lends a hand to a fellow organisation.

Dr. Márta Bakos-Tóth, the leader of the Rehabilitation Home for Patients with Cancer in Bakonyszücs, turned to our Foundation for help, because her institute has struggled for years now due to the lack of funds and now they need assistance to keep the institute running

The Rehabilitation Home functioning as a Children Cancer Centre performs its activities for the complex mental rehabilitation of children with cancer and their families. In the institute, accommodating 35 persons, hundreds of patients a year are involved in the programs.

The long-needed work of the Institute, i.e. the mental help curing also the body, is well known for our Foundation. Hearing the silent request this has been the fourth time that we could land a hand and helped the Home, striving resolutely for so long to sustain, and we transferred one and a half million forints to the institute to pay their most urgent arrears.
Altogether with this latest one, in the recent years our Foundation has assisted and supported the institute in Bakonyszücs with seven million forints.


Click here to read the letter of thanks that we received from the Rehabilitation Home for Patients with Cancer in Bakonyszücs

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