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Please don’t amputate my leg! 8 December 2016

Years ago, the 14-year-old Petra was diagnosed with bone cancer in her left leg. Petra requested help from a foundation and her leg was saved in a clinic in Braşov. So her dream has come true!

In 2013 Petra P. was diagnosed with bone cancer in her left leg and received chemotherapy in the Paediatric Clinic of Tűzoltó Street. However, the aggressive tumour came back and Petra’s condition became increasingly severe.

Considering the location of the tumour, the oncologists and the professor of the Orthopaedic Clinic agreed that the only solution was mid-thigh amputation.

Petra and her family were shocked and could not accept amputation as a therapeutic intervention. They were convinced that there must be a place in the world where Petra’s leg could be saved, so they started researching and eventually succeeded.

The head of a private clinic in Braşov, Romania, who happens to be an orthopaedic surgeon, offered his help. After consulting with experts, including vascular surgeons, he decided to perform the limb saving operation. The only thing missing was: money. Although the surgical team waived the medical fees, the cost of hospitalisation amounted to nearly 1.5 million forints, a sum beyond the family’s financial means.

As a last resort, they turned to the Children Cancer Foundation, which had helped them several times contributing hundreds of thousands forints to Petra’s therapy. To her own letter, the mother enclosed Petra’s heart-rending call for help (see above). The solution was 1,363,540 forints, which was immediately paid by the Foundation.

On 9 October 2016, Petra left the Braşov clinic on both her legs – despite the earlier Hungarian diagnosis! Now she and her family are looking forward to the Christmas holidays.

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