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“A lock from you – a lot for them” – more and more people are offering their hair in Pécs 3 March 2016

More and more people have their hair cut and donate it to the Children Cancer Foundation, which started a campaign three years ago, in cooperation with “Tincses Sziget” Children Hairdresser Salon.

The aim of the campaign is to provide young cancer patients who have lost their hair as a consequence of treatment with wigs made of natural human hair, saving them from wearing synthetic wigs. These wigs are prepared using the hair of people who are ready to help the children whose parents can thus avoid spending hundreds of thousands on wigs.

Although wigs for cancer patients are reimbursed by the National Health Insurance Fund, these wigs are synthetic and often cause irritation.

Checking the Internet for wigs of real hair, we found that the prices were indeed very high. A longer one may cost more than a hundred thousand. The foundation helps not only with the procurement of the hair but also pays the full cost of preparation.

Judit Szűcs, assistant to the president, said the campaign is a success not only in Hungary but also abroad. The wigs, ready in 3-4 weeks, are made by a specialist company. The customised wigs last forever and are easy to handle.

Zsanett Győri (see photo) in Pécs is one of those who offered her hair when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. While searching the Internet for various therapies, she came across the web site of the Children Cancer Foundation advertising the “A lock from you – a lot for them” campaign.

Since her mother’s condition did not deteriorate, Zsanett decided to offer part of her hair to the foundation. She went to the hairdresser, had her hair cut, and sent her plait to the foundation. To be suitable for a wig, the hair should be at least 30 cm long, healthy, and of original colour (grey or bleached hair is also acceptable). Make sure your hair is cut and packed in a plait.

As we learnt, more and more people are offering their hair, including men and young children. For a healthy person, this is just a lock; but for a sick child, it means a lot.

The Foundation is looking forward to the application of cancer patients (up to the age of 24 years) who have lost their hair as a consequence of their condition, and would like to have a wig made of real hair. Owing to the Foundation, they can get a customised wig free of charge

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