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An X-ray equipment has been donated to the county hospital in Miskolc 02-10-2016

An X-ray equipment worth 24.5 million HUF was donated to the Department of Paediatric Surgery in Miskolc. The Director General of BAZ County Hospital requested our help with the procurement of a C-arm X-ray image intensifier, which the hospital could not afford to purchase, due its poor economic condition.

The Department of Paediatric Surgery in Miskolc, the one with the highest number of hospital beds in the country, is responsible for carrying out all tumour removal operations in the region. The 30-year-old, totally outdated machine, which had been used earlier, produced blurred images compromising the success of interventions while increasing radiation load to the young patients. The Foundation purchased the digital X-ray machine and handed it over to the department on 8th February. During the past years, the Foundation has donated medical equipment worth nearly a quarter billion HUF contributing to the modernisation of one of the hospital’s paediatric surgical operating theatres. The Children Cancer Foundation has been supporting paediatric oncology and the care of children with cancer for 19 years. They provide regular financial support to families bringing up children with cancer and make the medicines, vitamins and dietary supplements essential for supportive therapy available for them free of charge.

The support to families has amounted to a total of 1.704 billion HUF. Their donations to hospitals have amounted to a total of 1.829 billion HUF. These sums are unique in the country in their magnitude! These donations are due to the 1% income tax offerings the Foundation has received from individuals.

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