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She donated her hair

Fejér Megyei Hírlap 1 September, 2015

FHM-information (bl) – Following her cousin’s example, the 6-year-old little angel decided to have her princess like long hair cut in order to help ill children.

Laura made her own decision. Her mother gave her a month to think it over, but the little girl was determined. Every day she told her mother she would like to have it done, so her mum finally called the hairdresser. On Saturday, she got her scissor ready, and Laura had her 30-centimetres long hair cut, and on Monday she posted her lock. She did not regret her decision even for a moment, just the contrary: she is very proud of what she had done! This is the first time she has had short hair, and based on the smile on her face, she likes it very much!

“Last month my daughter’s cousin had her thigh length hair cut, and offered it to the Children Cancer Foundation to make wigs from it. Laura did the same. I only wept a little because it was very moving for me to see a 6-year-old little girl make such an important decision alone for a generous purpose. My little daughter has turned to become a big girl. I loved her long hair, but I have to accept that this was the first decision she had made alone,” said her mother Viktória Földi. She added: “We keep regular contact with the management of Szent György Hospital in County Fejér, and we collect donations for the paediatric department every year. Laura has always accompanied me to the hospital, and she has grown up like that. She was only one and a half year old when she first saw ill children in a camp,” she said.

Laure from Székesfehérvár still goes to kindergarten, and according to her mother she is a very determined little girl, she has the tenacity to carry out what she has decided to do. She has a 3-year-old sister, and she takes good care of her. If somebody is hurt, she is ready to defend him/her. She is very good at heart, and always helps, especially the little ones.

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