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Charity haircut: The last locks have been cut 15 July, 2015

Szombathely – Those who had an appointment and unexpected guests also arrived at the charity haircut event organised by the downtown hair salon, where three hairdressers were eager to arrange the locks for making wigs.

Upon the campaign launched by Dóri Mák, almost 150 people volunteered to have their hair cut, and donate their locks to children suffering from cancer. We have recently published an article on the campaign initiated through a social networking site. Since then, many people joined the program. Hairdressers Zoltán Katona, Noémi Szabó and Klaudia Benczik worked nonstop even the last morning because there arrived so many people at the salon. Among the volunteers, there were little girls who had previously let hairdressers cut a few centimetres only from their hair, but now forgot about their princessy dreams for a generous purpose.

Zoltán Katona did not put his scissors down even for a moment on Wednesday morning. Photo: Facebook On the social networking site “Lock that worth a treasure for others” Dóri Mák called people’s attention to the fact that there are as many as four hundred Hungarian children with cancer waiting for a wig that is made from real hair. Hearing this shocking figure we might ask the question as well: is it really possible that children who are fighting for their life cannot get state help? We learnt that the subsidy can be used to purchase artificial wigs only, which are uncomfortable to wear and not very nice, but a wig that is made from real hair costs a lot of money. In many cases, the families of those children who have undergone chemotherapy cannot afford that. Almost 150 people have participated in the campaign initiated in Szombathely, and their locks can be used to prepare 40-50 wigs.

Eight years ago, Dóri Mák offered her 57-centimetre-long hair, and she has set an example recently when cutting her 33-centimetre-long lock. Dóri Papp arrived from Germany on the last day, she had given birth to her baby not long before, but children also came, including a 10-year-old gymnast who had read about the campaign on the internet and told her mother that she would like to have her hair cut as it would grow back to normal again soon. According to the organiser of the event, you do not always have to be mature to make something good, but it was very moving for her when a woman called her to offer her lock she had cut before her chemotherapy, or when an 86-year-old grandmother offered her hair she had set aside some time ago.

Ágnes Kovács

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