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You can help children suffering from cancer with your hair locks 20 July, 2015

In addition to physical ordeals, childhood cancer also places mental burdens on the little patients. Gabriella Dömény and her team together with the Children Cancer Foundation try to help to reduce the destructive effects of becoming bald in a campaign to collect hair donations.

Three years ago, the owner of the hairdressing salon “Island with Locks of Hair” decided to help children who had lost their hair. This was when the program called “A Lock of hair from you is a precious gift for them” was born, which more and more people joined. The hairdressers cut the long hair offered by healthy girls, and after appropriate storage forward it to the Children Cancer Foundation. The locks are used to prepare wigs, which may slightly reduce the ordeals of little children fighting against cancer.

The owner of the Island with Locks of Hair said that children with cancer would like to have a wig that is natural-looking and similar to their former hair. For that a great deal of donation is required seeing that 4 or 5 girl or women’s hair have to be cut to make one wig! It is also very important that locks are secured with a tie at the top, and they have to be at least 30-centimetres-long, of original colour and undamaged. “No amount of locks will ever be enough if used for this generous purpose. We are happy to receive anybody’s donation who is ready to have her long hair cut in this way. We all have to make all efforts to see a smile on a little face when wearing the wig prepared from the hair collected, and to mitigate children’s mental burdens.”

In Százhalombatta, hairdresser Gyöngyi Dubecz is waiting for your calls on telephone number +36 70 771-9047 if you wish to donate your hair. She is committed to helping us as well. She undertakes to cut your locks free of any charge. All you have to do is forward your locks either in person or by post to the Children Cancer Foundation (Budapest, Rákóczi tér 10.).

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