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Donate a lock of hair

"Fejér Megyei Hírlap" - 09.04.2015

A LOCK IS A TREASURE Why do teenage girls have their hair cut?

Hantos – It is not a new fashion trend, but a mass campaign serving great purposes to which more and more people join. The hair so collected is used to make wigs for children with cancer.


“Dear Children Cancer Foundation! My name is Beáta G. from Sajószentpéter. I would like to donate my hair to ill children which I have been grown for a long time. Now I have had it cut to send it to those in need. I am sending my donation with great love. I do hope that in this way I may also put a smile on their little face.” This and similar type of letters tend to appear on the social networking site of the nationwide foundation which supports the medical treatment and improves the quality of life of children with cancer. 

The campaign called “A lock is for you, treasure is for them” has been launched recently. We wanted to know why little girls join the campaign.


For them, it is not just a lock

A lot of little girls offer their hair for charitable purposes

For the Léhner family of Hantos with many children it was natural that two of their four daughters, the six-grade Luca and the second-grade Napsugár also made their own decision to join the nationwide campaign.


The girls had read about the campaign on the internet, and immediately told their mother that they would also like to have their hair cut – which they had grown for a long time – so that it would be used to make wigs for children suffering from cancer, and thus to contribute to improve their quality of life. They also contacted Children Cancer Foundation, which collected hair from the whole country. Grey or dyed hair cannot be used because they are not suitable for wigs for children, and the wig-maker who volunteered for the job can make use of hair of a length of 25 centimetres at least. 


The girls could not answer the question “Do you know what cancer is?” There are no such people in their surroundings, but they do know that it is a lethal disease. The hair they offered might as well be used to make a wig for a girl of their age or with similar interest –among children fighting with cancer it is girls only for whom wigs are made to replace their hair lost during chemotherapy treatment. Boys are excluded from this circle, but it is also true that they are less sensitive to hair loss as a result of the treatment.


The eight-year-old Napsugár, who had never had her hair cut before, did not regret losing her hair because that she did it on purpose. Her sister even wrote a letter to the prospective owner of the wig, wishing her get well. According to their mother, Anita, children are socially sensitive, and many of her daughters’ classmates said that they would also like to have their hair cut for the same purpose.


KA: The Léhner sisters of Hantos, Luca és Napsugár, offered their hair which they had been growing for a long time to make wigs for children with cancer. The girls are very sensitive socially, as their mother says.

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